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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moving in a New Direction

My apologies for posting a whopping 3 times and then taking a 9 month hiatus, you must have been waiting on the edge of your seat all this time just waiting for more!  OK so really, although I was selling the idea of balancing it all I guess I just couldn't do it and the blog was the first to go.
Over the last 9 months many things have happened 
  • I have somehow kept my teaching position and will continue throughout the rest of the school year (yippee!!!)
  • In August I went from Miss K to Mrs. M and we had the most amazing wedding we could have asked for

  • We honeymooned in Costa Rica and contemplated never coming back ;)

  • I became a vegetarian (again) about 2 months ago
  • ...And the reason why I have come back to PLB... I will be giving up eggs & dairy for the month of January as I "test drive" a vegan diet!! 
As I research about "veganism" I am becoming more and more excited about it!  I felt like I wanted to document this journey and educate my friends & family about why I am doing this (and maybe  even inspire some people to make some changes in their diet as well).   My main concern about following a vegan diet is that I never want to inconvenience anyone else and I really never want to push my beliefs onto anyone else.  

I will try to update often with recipes & fun tidbits so check back!  

Peas & Love


  1. Still with me on no chocolate in January too?... even though I am pretty sure Vegan's do not eat choco either. Here's to detoxing and new beginnings (your blog)! I was thinking of starting one myself but mine wouldn't be as health conscious LOL. This kind of diet really does take a commitment though and that's why I am proud to be your friend!

  2. I'm with you! No chocolate or cheese - good grief!! I think that you should start a blog too! Get ready for some goodies for NYE, I have a few fun recipes bookmarked and let's not tell the boys they're vegan ;)

  3. My letter writing campaign worked! Peas blog is back!