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Friday, March 25, 2011

A WINNING Friday Breakfast

Happy Friday!! (to all two of you readers out there - hi mom!)
I wanted to start the day off with a super yummy scramble that I threw together this morning.

Spinach Sweet Potato & Feta Scramble
-1 whole egg & one egg white
-handful of frozen organic spinach
-1/2 cooked sweet potato (leftover)
-small handful of feta cheese

Scramble the eggs with a drop of skim milk and add spinach and sweet potato
throw in a skillet and flip when ready
toss in feta cheese and fold over
Enjoy with 1 piece of toast, I recommend a whole wheat sprouted grain bread, I used Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast, mmmm

Health Benefits of This Breakfast:
  • Eggs Eggs have gotten themselves a bad reputation because of their cholesterol, but get ready to welcome them back with open arms
    • Eggs contain a high amount of protein, which allows the body to burn fat.  
    • Increasing your protein also raises your metabolism (helloooo jeggins!) 
    • Eggs contain nine vitamins including, Vitamin B12 (which breaks down & burns fat within the body), iron, calcium, and thiamine. 
    • The vast majority of these vitamins and nutrients are found in the yolk; egg whites are so 2009.  Make sure you include at least one whole egg (but not too many more because they are calorie dense) in your scrambles to reap the benefits!
  • Sweet Potato These are one of the best vegetables you can eat!  Heres why: 
    • The vitamin-C, B-complex, iron, and phosphorous make them an intense immunity booster
    • Beta-carotene, vitamin-C, and magnesium make for a rockin anti-inflammatory and alleviate arthritis pain
    • It's high fiber and magnesium come together and promote healthy digestion 
    • They are very effective in regulating blood sugar 
    • There is usually less than 100 calories in a medium sized sweet potato!
  • Spinach When it comes to picking out fresh spinach, looks really do matter.  The greener the leaves, the higher the concentration of vitamin C (which helps your immune system, produces collagen, and protects your body from free radicals).
    • Spinach provides more nutrients per calorie than any other food
    • The lutein found in spinach protects your eyes from disease
    • Spinach is an excellent source of iron, which is needed for energy.
  • Whole Grain Sprouted Bread The difference between whole grain sprouted bread and plain-old bread is that WGSB is made with grains and legumes that are sprouted before being ground into flour.  Once the grains are sprouted, they are more vitamin and nutrient dense.  
    • Most sprouted breads are made with organic ingredients are are grown without pesticides or herbicides
    • They have a low glycemic index (which helps people lose & manage weight, improves diabetes management, reduces risk of heart disease, improves cholesterol levels, reduces hunger & helps you feel full longer, prolongs physical endurance, and helps to re-fuel carbohydrates following exercise)
    • Many brands (Ezekiel being one) use sprouted lentils & soybeans, which make the bread a complete protein
Yowzas, I hope you learned as much reading this as I did writing it!  I'm pretty stoked that my breakfast was not only super healthy, but also DELISH!  
Bonus: It was only 230 calories!
Now I'm going to take some of those saved calories and put them towards my alcohol consumption that will be taking place at tonights heated poker game.

Peas, love & thanks for reading!

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  1. Reading this is like watching Good Eats. Love it.