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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Convenience Dinners

I'm sorry friends... I really am the WORST food blogger.  It's a good thing this isn't my day job! It seems like recently I haven't really had anything great to share - work has been crazy busy so my dinners have consisted of super easy meals (lots of veggie burgers) on the go.  Today I cooked, but believe me it was convenience food at it's finest.
I like to stock up on easy things for nights like this - where I want a nice home cooked meal, but I don't have to time to make it.  Usually I like to pick up:
*Gardein Crispy Mandarin Orange Chick'n (a must try for herbivores and carnivores alike)
*Some veggie burgers - my favorite brand being the Veggie Patties by DonLee Farms which I stock up on at Costco

*Frozen corn, spinach and broccoli- and any other goodies I come across in Trader Joe's or Whole Foods frozen section
Yesterday my black rice & farro from Earthly Delights came knocking on my door, so I knew the rice had to be a part of my dinner tonight.

I wound up making the Gardein Mandarin Chick'n with broccoli over black rice.  It comes with a really yummy mandarin orange sauce that you pour over the chick'n after browning in some oil - I suggest using safflower or sunflower oil since you will be cooking over high heat.  The black rice added such a nice crunch; not crunchy like undercooked rice though, it was a goooood crunch.

If you have a hungry husband like me, one package isn't going to cut it for two of you!  I also made Edamame & Tofu Nuggets with Gyoza dipping sauce - both from TJ's.  After gobbling up two, J asked me how much protein was in them.  It was then that I found out that they are NOT vegan - they have egg white powder in them DOH!  Read ingredients Lindsay!  But they have a decent amount of protein and were pretty good in case you were wondering.  The gyoza sauce was a little too salty and soy saucy for us, if we use it again I may add a little agave and sesame oil to sweeten it up a bit.

Tonight I am putting together crock pot stuffed peppers, so be on the lookout for a new recipe tomorrow!

PS - I have been vegan for 1 MONTH and I am feeling great!  I have more energy, I feel healthier (which is a good thing when you work with kids who seem to have perpetual runny noses) and my hair is shinier and more manageable.  The hair thing may seem weird, but ever since I was introduced to Hot Tools (my high school savior) back in 9th grade, I have needed to straighten my wavy & frizzy hair with every blow dry.  Over the past few weeks it has been so smooth that I haven't needed to straighten it at all!  Very exciting things happening, girls - you understand ;)

PPS - J & I booked a trip to Florida in February so it's time to hit the gym harder than usual, maybe I'll start posting my workouts!  What are your favorite butt kicking pre-vaca workouts??

Peas & Love & Thanks for Reading (that is if you haven't given up on me through all my annoying hiatuses... errr hiatusi??)

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  1. Oooh I was looking for something exactly like that mandarin dish!! Grocery item this week woohoo.