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Monday, February 27, 2012

Vegan on Vacation

So obviously I didn't get to post at all on our vacation, but I kind of knew that was going to happen!  This was my first vacation eating vegan, so I knew it would be a little challenging.  Luckily we stayed with my grandma, who is the sweetest & cutest person on the face of the Earth, so I knew if all else failed - we could always cook there.  Our first stop (after hitting the pool of course) was to the Whole Foods hot bar right down the block.  We also picked up some essentials for the next few days (tofu, almond milk & soy yogurt) and we were ready to be serious beach bums!  Here's a run down of our trip/meals in case you ever find yourself in Fort Lauderdale looking for some veg options:

  • Lunch - WF hot bar
    • What we ate  - J: A ginormous salad, Me: Mix of tofu curry, grilled veggies & salad
    • Rating - Just OK, the hot bar near me is better & has more flavorful options
  • Dinner - Grandma's 
    • What we ate: Split Pea Soup & Salad
    • Rating - Awesome of course, it's Grandma's!  (Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't think you can dine there while vacationing in the FL region)
Later that night: Drinks & Bar Food!
Sweet Potater Tots!? Yes please
  •  Breakfast - Grandma's Kitchen 
    • What we ate: Tofu Scramble 
    • Rating - I made a tofu lover out of my Grandma and Aunt Gina - who can be tough critics so I would say it's still a winner! 
  • Lunch - Grandma's Balcony
    • What we ate: Yogurt Parfaits 
    • Rating - Good, but isn't a parfait always good on a hot day??
Soy yogurt + fresh fruit on a hot day - nothing better!
    Soy vanilla for me - Organic Regular for J!
    Yogurt with a view!
    • Dinner - Sushi from the local Japanese market
      • What we ate: J & Grandma - lots of specialty rolls & sashimi, Me - Vegetable roll & Cucumber/Avocado roll (my fave)
      • Rating - As for mine, it doesn't change much wherever I go, but it was delicious!  Grandma & J said their fish was very fresh
    • Breakfast - cereal with fresh fruit & almond milk... no description necessary
    • Lunch - Green Wave Cafe (I bought a Groupon for this a few weeks ago) - it's an all raw & vegan cafe; when I broke the news to J on the way his response was, "What?! You mean it's not cooked??"
      • What we ate: 
        • Super Nachos - These were amazing, I need to learn how to make these chips & cashew cheeze sauce 
        Looked weird - tasted GREAT!
        • Vegan Cheese Burger - J thought it was just a little too vegan for him; the bread is more like a big thin cracker, and he assured me that it tasted nothing like a burger - but he ate it like a champ!
        • Vegan Burrito - it came out looking like a big sprouted salad rather than any burrito I ever had; the flavors of the cheeze sauce & guacamole were delicious, but you had to make sure the sauces were on every bite!  
        • Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake - J was very nervous when it came out looking very... er, gray... BUT it tasted awesome and was definitely one of the best parts of the meal - next to the nachos!
    um... this is grey.
    And now its GONE!

        • For J: BBQ Cheddar Pizza with BBQ sauce, red onion, dairy free cheddar & cilantro - very good, tasted a lot like our BBQ Seitan/Tofu Pizza

        • For Gma: Veggie Burger with black japonica, red mahogany rice, black beans and jalapeno mayonnaise - served with some bangin sweet potato fries - this was awesome!!  It was a huge & think burger and we all helped Grandma eat it, one of the best veggie burgers I have ever tasted 

        • For me: Portobello Stack with sauteed spinach, tomato, rosemary & mashed potato - this was also very tasty!  I love me some portobello mushrooms, but it was especially yummy in a hearty marsala sauce

        • Dessert - Coconut Cake  - Amazing!  we split it 3 ways and since we all licked our plates clean already, we had a tough time even making a dent in it, but don't you worry - we powered through ;)

    This was our last day, so we took it easy with the food - I think we were all still full from the night before!  For lunch we had what I like to call a kitchen sink salad - throw literally everything in but the kitchen sink.  We had a huge salad filled with lettuce, peppers, onions, chickpeas, beets, avocados and I'm sure more veggies that I can't remember at the moment.  Grandma made a simple balsamic olive oil & oregano dressing which definitely hit the spot.

    Kitchen Sink Salad

    We had a wonderful few days away,  but I didn't forget about you!  Look we brought back some sunshine ~ 

    Who else is ready for summer!?!?

    As always, Peas, Love & Thanks for Reading!

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